(A) Great question! You can book a ride online at www.hoboride.com or download to your mobile phone from the Apple app store or Google Play. You will be required to register and create a password, afterwards you can just follow the prompts and pay.
(A) Once you put your travel information into the system you will see the cost for the ride. If you agree with the cost, press "book" then the system will take you to the payment page to pay.
(A) Currently your card will not be held on file. You will have to input your payment information every time you book a ride.
(A) Once a driver has accepted your ride (which may take up to three days) you will receive an email of the driver's profile and an estimated time of pick up. The driver will notify you when he or she arrives at your requested pickup location.
Hobo Ride will refund passenger booked travel at a rate of 100% if refund requested 7 days prior to travel date. Refunds requested within 7 days of travel but more than 48 hours prior to travel dated will be refunded at a rate of 50%. No refunds will be granted when requested less than 48 hours before travel.
  • 1. Passenger must request refund in written format via email.
  • 2. Refund will be processed using company policy.
  • 3. Refund will be delivered back to the passenger via the original method of payment or via company check at Hobo Rider option.
  • For refunds please contact support@hoborideus.com
  • (A) Please email us at support@hoboride.com with a description of the problem. A dedicated technical team member will respond to you within 48 hours to help you with your issues. If you need to book a ride, don't forget you can book online at www.hoboride.com.
    (A) We are so very sorry to see you go but we understand if you must leave. Just log into your account, go to your profile page and press 'delete account'.
    (A) All invoices will be available to you online in your history page after your ride is completed. or request for an invoice at support@hoboride.com
    (A) The last thing we like to hear is that a rider has a bad experience using our application. If you have a bad experience please let us know. Email us at help@hoboride.com. Your opinion matters.
    (A) Enter the promo code at the time of booking. This will avail you to any cashbacks/offers related to the promo code.
    (A) The booking fee is a separate flat fee added to every trip that helps support HOBO Ride safety initiatives, roadside assistance and other operational cost for riders and drivers.
    (A) A fare adjustment can result from a request rider or driver made for a fare review.
    (A) HOBO Ride Cleaning Fee(s)

    $300: This is the maximum amount of money that can be request for an cleaning fee and is approved. Usually, this sum is provided in cases of vomit, urine, blood or other bodily fluids that are spread on the inside of the car. $150: Driver will get this money in cases of small bodily fluid mess.
    (A) HOBO currently keeps 25% of each trip as a lead gen cost. This percentage is common in the industry and commonly referred to as a farm out fee. There are no monthly fees to be a driver on HOBO App, outside of a minimal data charge for the iPhone or Android.
    (A) A trip is calculated by adding a base fare + time and distance rates. When you book a trip, your app displays the cost you will be charged.
    (A) Additional charges may be added to your trip if your driver has to wait for you for more than two minutes or your route includes tolls, airport surcharges, or other fees. ... A toll charge added to your fare may not match the exact amount paid. Some cities charge tolls at a commercial rate.

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