Who are we?

HOBO Technologies LLC is a Georgia based technology company with a team of unsurpassed genius software engineers who have put together a dynamic and interactive application for use with Androids and iPhones called HOBO.

We only partner with drivers of large SUVs and Mini Vans and book 5 people at a time going in the same direction to insure a profitable trip to a partner driver.

Participating riders pay an average of $0.35 to $0.60 cents per mile with 100 mile minimum and 550 mile max.

Look out Greyhound and Mega Bus HOBO is about to corner the market because HOBO is changing the travel market by picking you up from your door step then dropping you off at the destination doorstep, saving you time and money.


Our mission is to become a nationwide safe, dependable and competitive choice that meet consumer’s travel needs.


Our vision is to be hands on dependable resource that positively impacts unemployment dedicated to economic community development and social responsibility.

Meet the team


Thomas Ford

(Chief Executive Officer)

Thomas G Ford Jr. Atlanta Native is HOBO Technology's Founder and Managing Partner. Thomas is an extreme visionary; continually striving to find the American Dream. He is always motivated to help others and dedicated to breaking down barriers that bind communities and segregate cultures. The US Navy Veteran has had the opportunity to visit many counties and gained a vast amount of experience and knowledge of international affairs. The up and incoming philanthropist seeks to use his future wealth to empower a divers community of people and promote unity. Through his own experiences, trails and tribulations Thomas carries with him the knowledge and understanding that future generations can use as a stepping stone.


Anil Kothiyal

(Chief Technical Officer)

Anil Kothiyal Managing Partner is a creative technology genius who is able to take the most complicated ideas and turn it into reality. Managing a team of over 50 under his employee, he is a leader in research and development and cyber security. Anil is not just the technology behind the ideas, the Indian descendant strives to breakdown culture and community barriers creating a universal bound by providing leadership in a culturally diverse community. He aggressively supports small international business growth, establishing wider net of friendships and productive relationships between the United States and India's small business.


Yogesh Sharma

(Project Engineer)

Sushil Singh

(Frontend Developer)

Sunil Kothiyal

(Software Engineer)

Shweta Tripathi

(Digital Marketing Officer)

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